What is Memory Foam?

That NASA spent untold millions on an early prototype of viscolastic memory foam material, which protected U.S. forces.
That pressureless type of space age materials are used by thousands of hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation facilities to prevent and treat decubitis bedsores!

Sensus Stretches the boundaries of sleeping comfort far beyond the capabilities of other viscoelastic products. Only Sensus is produced using the patented VPF process to create finer cells, giving it a more body conforming luxurious feel. And Sensus responds fluidly to a broader range of temperatures for a smoother, more gradual shift in firmness. So sleepers never roll into an uncomfortable barrier of hard, non-responsive foam. Sensus even reduces pressure to key body regions by nearly 15% compared to national branded, premium viscoelastics. Best of all, the comfort-giving properties of Sensus last a lifetime. That’s why OptiFlex guarantees it.

Memory Foam